Sunday, March 31, 2013

Days 4 & 5 Post Surgery - NYC Cab drivers suck

March 30, 2013 & March 31, 2012 " NYC Cabbies don't seem to have any love for a guy on a scooter with a cast on his leg" Summary - Went to NJ for a fantasy baseball draft on 3/30/13. Felt pretty good except for motion sickness/nausea while in a car - Fever gone; antibiotics working. Sinus infection still very severe with a ton of blood/puss still around, but headaches aren't quite as severe and I'm not quite as congestion. - 5 different cab drivers refused to pick me up from Penn Station as a passenger. They saw me on my scooter and tried to avoid me. I had words with a few of them. For the first time in my life, I can truly understand how tough it is to get around as a "handicapped" person and how they are discriminated against. - Went to Queens to visit Lola Linda with the family, who has been sick but is getting better. Car ride was ok. - My foot/ankle pain was noticeably less today. I took some pain medicine in the evening, but didn't need it until then. I took a long 2+ hour nap in Queens, so I'm definitely still feeling the impact of my sinus infection - My right shin bone below the knee continues to be sore. I think this is because of the pressure being put on the leg on the scooter. In the past, I once had a stress reaction in this area (comes before a stress fracture, which I never had there). I need to keep an eye on this pain so it doesn't turn into an injury - I notice that my legs/IT bands/glutes are a little sore from all of the exercise my legs are getting. Need to keep an eye on this also. Overall, I'm very pleased where I am at. Going to take it easy for a few more days and then think about when I can go back to work.


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