Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 3 post surgery - 3/29/13

Generally, foot is feeling a little better than yesterday, although as the numbness in the foot and leg wanes, I have had high levels of pain and nausea and taken pain medicine accordingly.

Mikayla, Kaiya, and I took my mom to urgent care because she had a fever (101.5) for the last 36 hours or so. We thought it was smart for my mom to go in given that Kaiya has the flu, walking pneumonia, and pink eye and is on tamiflu, Zithromax, and Vigamox eye drops, I have a severe sinus infection and pink eye and am on Augmentin and Vigamox eye drops, and Lola Linda is super sick too. This was my mom's first visit to a doctor since 1994. The doctor said that her ears, lungs, and mouth all looked good but that her fever of 101.5 is high for her age (69), as our fever levels should be lower as we get older. So, the so doctor prescribed tamiflu and cough syrup.

My fever was gone almost all day today, which was great.

I scooted around again today, and yesterday I scootered all the way home from my doctor's office (about 3 miles). I wasn't planning on doing this but I got dropped off and forgot my wallet. Being in a wheelchair in NYC must be tough...the sidewalks are very rough and so are the ramps (when they exist at all).

I took my first shower since the surgery today. I put a chair in the bathtub and another chair to hang my right leg outside the tub. I purchased a long plastic cover to put over and protect my cast, and it worked really well. I never turned on the shower. Instead, I used a large Tupperware container and filled it up with water, poured it over my body, and repeated. This allowed me to go nice and slow to be safe. Ideally, I would have a sprayer coming out of the faucet so i wouldn't have to refill the Tupperware. I will look into this.

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