Wednesday, April 16, 2014

7 weeks post knee surgery

In January 2014, I was thinking about doing the Rocky raccoon 100. Then I had an annoying pain behind my knee (and on the side) come back, which had been on and off for years. An MRI later and the doctor said a had a meniscus tear about an inch long that "needs to be fixed at some point". We tried rehabbing it and that didn't work, so I had it repaired on 2/24. Before the surgery, he thought it would not be repairable because it was in a position with low blood flow. A clean up would have me out from running for 4-6 week. However, when he got in there, he was able to repair (stitch up) the tear, which is great for my long term prognosis, but a 3-4 month recovery of no running. I haven't run since 1/12/14 (my 44th birthday). I'm getting better and ahead of schedule, but agreed with my doctor and physical therapist not to run for 5 more weeks (I'm 7 weeks post surgery). I'm biking normally now and swimming with a pull buoy