Monday, August 22, 2011

Open Water Ocean Swim in Vancouver, Canada

Over the weekend, I went open water swimming in the ocean by Locarno beach in Vancouver with and Paul (Miranda's husband) and Paul (Paul's coach) Canada.  Water temperature was around 65 degrees and the water was choppy (at times, very choppy).   This was my first open water swim since early June.  I've been swimming a lot lately and have improved my swimming times, but I still find swimming in open water to be tough (sighting in the toughest).  Hopefully swimming in a lake for the race will be much easier than swimming in the choppy ocean.  Paul and Miranda (married) and I will all be competing in Ironman Canada in 6 days on 8/28/11.  Miranda also took my daughter Mikayla swimming and the two of them had a great time. 
Here are some pictures!

From left to right  - Paul (my friend Paul's coach), Paul (my friend), me, Mikayla, and Miranda

Paul and me (blue cap) after a tough swim workout

Mikayla pouring cold water over daddy's head after daddy's 2 hour and 40 minute brick workout - my last long workout before the race!

Miranda and Mikayla with the Vancouver skyline in the background

Kaiya, Miranda, and Mikayla with me getting a few swim tips from Coach Paul (despite the cool 65 degree water I was still very hot in my wetsuit, so I unzipped it while taking a break)

Miranda and Mikayla

Look at the great view of Vancouver in the background!