Thursday, August 28, 2014

5 mile race with a fractured ankle

On 7/27/14 I rolled my ankle on an easy run on the bridal path in Central Park. I heard a crack and it turns out that I fractured my ankle. Doctor ordered 6 weeks in a boot, 5 weeks no pressure and 1 week walking in a boot and then see the doctor again. 

8/10/14 -The nyrr cleared me to race on this scooter and I did an 8:30 per mile pace at an avg hr of 137. Most importantly I got some exercise!  After my injury, I had to go on blood thinners again to keep blood clots away (got 2 last year) and this plus no exercise caused a flare up of my Crohn's. Once I started exercising the flare up went away. 

The inury is devastating to me. I'm scheduled to do Ironman Lake Tahoe on 9/21/14. 

Here's a picture of me after the race.