Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 4 of Chicago Marathon Training Summary

Week 4 (7/4-7/11/10) of my Chicago Marathon Training is complete.

I had a good week, getting in 6 workouts in 6 days:  4 runs, 1 bike, and 1 swim.  Included in these workouts were 2 races this week - my first Triathlon (a sprint in Middlebury, CT) and a 10-K run in Central Park (my 8th race this year, only one more to go to reach the 9 races required for automatic entry into the 2011 NYC Marathon, although I still need to volunteer for 1 event).

I started to feel a little fatigue in my knees at the end of the week, so I took my long run on Saturday easy (10.6 miles, including the 10-K race) as well as my long bike ride on Sunday very easy (30 miles, 5 loops of Central Park, average heart rate was only 125 with a max of 159, including the tough great hill).

Here is a summary of the week:

Monday - 20 minute swim, 1/2 mile.  Bum very sore from 62 mile bike ride the day before

Tuesday - 4.55 mile run, 8:38 pace, 152 average heart rate

Wednesday - Pat Griskus Sprint Triathlon - 1 hour, 30 minutes (swim, bike, run) - half mile swim, 10.5 mile bike, 5-K run

Thursday - OFF

Friday - 5.19 mile run, 8:28 pace, 153 heart rate (peak heart rate 169)

Saturday - 10.59 mile run - 4.32 miles first, then a 10-K race in Central Park at a very easy pace of 8:36 per mile (finishing the last mile at under 7 minutes per mile).  I planned on running this race easy, but when I got to Central Park, I realized that I left the chip to record my time on my other pair of shoes (I changed them right before I left).  I didn't realize this until I got 1 mile into my run in Central Park, so I ran home fast, changed shoes, and ran up to 100th street on the east side to start the race.  I arrived at Central Park at the race start at 8:56 A.M., 4 minutes before race time, so my corral was closed and I ended up starting the race near the back of crowd.  When the race started, the "heard" of people I was with started out at about a 9:50 per mile pace for the first mile, which was awesome!  I needed to run slower anyway, so starting out very slow was perfect.  I felt so strong at the end of the race that I was easily able to run a sub 7 minute per mile pace to finish the race, which felt great.

Sunday - 30 mile bike ride in Central Park (5 loops) with my friend MH (who is doing the Nautica Olympic tri in NYC on 7/18, which I am very jealous of).  We took it extremely easy, averaging 17.4 miles per hour.   My average heart rate was 125 (peak heart rate 159, which is really low and I am happy about it).  We had 993 feet of elevation gain and my average cadence was 68.

Also signed up to do a sprint triathlon at Greenwood lake with MH on 9/12 and I am actively looking for some more Tris to do!

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