Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pictures from my First Triathlon - 7/7/10

Here is the Brightroom pictures from my first triathlon - the Pat Griskus sprint tri in Middlebury, CT

At the start of the bike ride...

Check out those cool goggles.....I did finish in front of at least 1 guy (look closely)  :)

Man am I tired, thirsty, and hot!

Out for a nice, hilly ride....

Happy to be almost done, the finish line is 50 yards away...

My first triathlon is complete!!!!!

Feeling the heat (90+ degrees and humidity near 100%) - need water!

In the back trying to avoid the chaos (I'm all the way in the back)

Adjusting my goggles before the race..

Taking it all in, nervously......

Trying to avoid a rock while entering in the water...

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  1. congrats and welcome to the dark side! ~~Heidi