Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Listening to my Body

After taking the last 2 days off, I felt very good and strong.  I ran 20 miles on Saturday and have been running 6 days a week for the last month, so I decided to take 2 days off in a row to let my body rest and catch up on sleep (plus getting up at 5am the night of Daylight savings was completely unpallatable to me as it  really would have been 4am).  My plan today was to take it easy, run 8:30-9 pace.  I met the 6am running group and ran with them to Harlem Hill, where they were going to do speedwork up and down the hill.  My right knee has been twinging just a little bit (barely noticeable) and I have been having a little twinging behind my left knee (a little more noticeable), so I decided not to do the speedwork on the hill with the group (my rule is never to do speedwork if my knees are twinging).  I have learned over the last 9 months of running that listening to your body is the key to staying healthy. 

After about 3 miles, I felt great.  The 8 hours of sleep I got on Saturday and Sunday nights, taking the last 2 days off from running, using the foam rolller a lot to roll out my legs, a bath to soak my legs every night (alternating every 5 minutes between having my legs in the hot water and elevating them out of the water to let the blood flow to my knees), and ice on both knees has made me feel great.  I definitely do not feel like I ran 20 miles on Saturday.

During Mile 3 (see my splits below), I felt great and decided to push a little bit.  After mile 4, I still felt great, so I decided to push during Mile 5 to use today's run as a mini tempo run.  After my run, I immediately rolled out my legs with the foam roller as my right knee was twinging from miles 3 - 5 (but didn't hurt at all after) and iced both of my knees for 15 minutes.

Today's run:
0.7 mile warmup to park - 8:37

Mile 1 - 9:13 (ran with 6am running group to Harlem Hill)

Mile 2 - 8:26 (ran with 6am running group to Harlem Hill)

Mile 3 - 7:43 - Harlem Hill, felt great decided to keep pushing

Mile 4 - 7:55

Mile 5 - 7:13

Mile 6 - cool down - easy 9:09

last 0.40 miles - 8:26

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