Thursday, July 25, 2013

4 months post surgery - a 2 mile run today!

My foot has gotten much better over the last month. In fact, I've been ready to run for 3 weeks but holding back. Instead, I've been walking fast between 4-8 miles per day. Last week, I obtained my new orthotics from Soris Tribino. They move my foot to a neutral position and I noticed how comfortable they were immediately when I started walking.  These made me feel like I could run pain free. I knew when I got the orthotics last week how helpful they are to my surgically prepared foot and that it wouldn't be long before running.
Today, I ran 2.14 miles (the lower loop in Central Park plus a little more) at an 8:34 pace, avg heart rate 170 (but was 182 at the end when I was running in the low 7s). Felt awesome to be running again. Zero pain. I decided to run at a pace where I felt comfortable and it wasn't too hard. I was surprised that it was in the mid 8s.  I'm still getting over a cold and am on antibiotics and definitely felt it while running (felt fine before). My foot position felt different on every step but I got used to it. My last run (a half marathon), I had pain on every step. Today, after the surgery, no pain on any step (even the screws). I had my first runners high in 4 months (surgery was 4 months ago tomorrow). The doctor said it would take me a year to run, and even then I would have pain.
I plan on easing back into running slowly. My standing work station definitely has helped my recovery, as has my diet (plant based).
I am extremely encouraged by my run today. Plus the blood clot in my right calf didn't bother me at all during the run, so hopefully it is dissolving!

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