Wednesday, April 24, 2013

4 weeks post surgery

4 weeks after the surgery I have been getting a little better every day. I've had more pain than I expected in my foot, ankle, and leg, but the swelling seems to be going down gradually. I see the doctor in 2 weeks and hope to get the clearance to put pressure/walk on my right leg for the first time since the surgery. My right shin is sore from the knee walking scooter, but manageable. Without my scooter, I would be completely immobile and likely miserable.

I went back to work about 2 weeks ago and have scooted to and from work everyday (about 1.7 miles each way). Haven't gotten on the subway once, which is always my goal, as walking (which I do when healthy) is always healthier than riding. Scooting to work is a real workout and tough because the NYC roads between 66th and West End Avenue and Times Square and 43rd street are rough, uneven, and full of potholes. I haven't fallen yet because I'm really careful, but almost twice. I usually take 8th avenue. On the way home, I use the bike lane, which is usually open and therefore lets me get some speed. Last week when I was waiting for a light at 43rd and 8th on the way to work, some guy said to me "you're moving!" I thought "huh, how does he know that?" He saw my puzzled look and said "I saw you on the upper west side about 30 minutes ago". Small world.

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