Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3 weeks post surgery - still not allowed to bear weight on my right leg

Feeling better everyday. Foot still very swollen and sore, including most of the way up my leg along the peroneal longus tendon almost to the knee. I've included pictures here. Pain levels are lower too.

I'm very excited that I have made it 3 weeks! Only 3 more weeks of non bearing weight. The weather has been in the 60s and 70s with low humidity, perfect running weather. It is pretty tough for me not to go running, but I'm ok. Really.

Made an appointment for my first physical therapy session for June 4th (which would be 2 months and 1 week after my surgery).

I have been stretching my tendons every night as the doctor prescribed, inverting and ex-verting the foot. I've noticed that my mobility seems limited , about the same as before the surgery. I really have a tough time extending my foot outward (to the right). I have much more flexibility moving my foot to the the middle (inwards).

I have been in my boot for about 23 hours a day. Sometimes at night I take off the boot because it is still pretty painful at night. Taking it off seems to help.

My shin pain from my knee walker scooter is better but not gone. I've been scooting to and from work, about 1.7 miles each way. Great exercise for sure, I'm usually sweating a lot by the time I'm done scooting. When it gets warmer I'll need to bring a change of clothes.

My friend Jarrod stopped by today, which was great. We enjoyed catching up and my daughter Kaiya (4) really really enjoyed playing with Jarrod (see attached pictures). My friend Shane sent me a 700 page book by Bill Simmons called "The Book of Basketball" that I'm really enjoying.

I'm am deeply saddened by the bombs that hurt/killed so many people at the Boston marathon. Many people are doing runs in honor of those the were killed/injured. I wish I could do the same for them.

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