Sunday, January 2, 2011

Rose Bowl

Me with ACM standing at our seats (2nd row)

Outside of the stadium before the game
Today, I went to the Rose Bowl in Pasedena, California to watch the Wisconsin Badgers (my alma mater) play TCU.  I went with my friend ACM and also spent time with our friend BP prior to the game.   Unfortunately, the Badgers lost a close game (21-19), as they were unable to convert a 2 point conversion to tie the game with 2 minutes left.  This was my third Rose Bowl (went 1-1-1999 for the Badgers vs UCLA game and on 1-4-2006 for the Texas vs USC game, which was for the NCAA national championship and one of the best games I ever saw).  Prior to the game, I hung out with ACM's family (including his adorable 2 boys). 

When we arrived at the stadium, we were surprised at how awesome our seats were (we got them through our friend BP).  I didn't know where the seats were until we got to them.  They turned out to be in the second row in the TCU end zone.  When we sat down, we knew that we potentially could have great seats for a late game touchdown, which turned out to be true.  Here is a video I took of the Badgers' final touchdown and failed 2 point conversion.  Nothing spectacular, but I thought I would share it.  I would have liked this video a lot more had we converted our 2 point conversion.

Here are some pictures from today's game (as well as a picture of Marlene and me from the 1-1-98 Rose Bowl game (12 years ago today).  Time flies, doesn't it?

Me along with Stone, ACM, Logan, and LM

Ticket from today!

ACM with his sons Logan (with me) and Stone

1998 Rose Bowl with Marlene

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