Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chicago Marathon Training Tracker - Training Plan vs Actual Miles run

Below, I have included my 2010 Chicago Marathon Training Plan and what I actually ran against this plan (actuals are on the yellow line in the spreadsheet).  I would have posted this earlier but I just figured out, through Google documents, how to post an excel spreadsheet to my blog. 

This was my 3rd marathon, so I decided to run a lighter schedule, usually 4 days a week of running and 1 day of a biking (usually a long ride).  My peak running week was 43 miles and my lowest week was 14 miles.   Overall, I averaged just under 30 miles per week for 17 weeks (501 miles in total).  My Chicago Marathon time was 3:56.  If you receive this blog via email, you will likely need to go to the blog website to scroll through the training spreadsheet.

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  1. Sounds like a good plan, feel free to take some advice from our website to help you with your training, Cheers, Scott What time are you aiming for with the next run?