Monday, August 30, 2010

Ironman Canada 2011

Yesterday, I registered for Ironman Canada 2011, which is on August 28, 2011 in Penticton, Canada (about a 4.5 hour drive from Vancouver).  Check out on a map here

Distances:  2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run (marathon).  I'm excited for this challenge, although I'm terrified of the 2.4 mile swim.  Ironman participants have 17 hours to complete the event (the race starts at 7am and closes at midnight).  I suspect that I will finish in the 15-16 hour range.

My friends PN and MM from Vancouver will be doing this race with me.  Marlene went to college with MM.  Who would have thought that she and I would be doing an Ironman together 15 years after meeting?

I'm told that the bike ride is tough - very hilly with 2 very large ascents.  Check out the course maps here:

Swim Map

Bike Map and Elevation Profile

Run Map

I'm currently "base building" while training for the Chicago Marathon.  I'm still debating whether or not I want to train by myself or if I want to join a team or get a coach.  My friend BG sent me an Ironman training program that he used.  It is a 20 week training program and assumes that one has already been training at least 8 hours per week before starting Ironman training.  As a reference point, I trained 9 hours last week.  The program peaks at about 18-20 hours of training in one week.  A lot of this is on the bike and in the pool at a low impact to the body, which is why one can train so long without getting hurt.

As this will be my first Ironman, I'd love to see my family and friends come to watch the race in person!  Of course I will chronicle my Ironman training on my blog.

One of my triathlete friends sent me this Ironman motivational video.  Pretty amazing, my favorite shot is the aerial one of the swimmers (I'm assuming that this video was taken during the Kona Ironman).  I'm going to apply for the Kona lottery this year (for the 2011 race).  There are very limited spots, so it is very unlikely that I get in.  My friend and physical therapist AL qualified for this year's Kona Ironman on 10/9/10.

Here are a couple of other cool Ironman videos. You'll be able to see why I'm terrified of the swim

I recently read a book called 17 Hours to Glory,  great book, I recommend it.  It motivated me to want to do an Ironman.  The book has stories about various Ironman participants as they complete the Kona Hawaii Ironman.  I found many of the stories compelling.  The 2 that inspired me the most (and there are many more than 2 that inspired me) were about Dick and Rick Hoyt and Julie Moss.

The video about the Hoyts is a must see.  Check it out.  Make sure to watch the entire video, as the best part is in the last 4 minutes when they show live footage of them finishing an Ironman.  Amazing.

Julie Moss - tough for me to watch, game changing for the Triathlon sport


  1. Hey Jim, I am so happy to hear you are in for IMC. Can't wait to read about and witness the journey. ~~ Heidi

  2. Hi Jim,

    Congratulations onsigning up for IM Canada. Don't be worried about the swim - so long as you prepare properly you'll be absolutely fine!

    I completed my first IM this year so if you have any questions feel free to drop me an email/comment. My blog is at:

    Safe training dude!