Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ironman New York 2012 Pictures

Mikayla and me on our way to rack my bike the day before the race.  Unfortunately, Kaiya had a fever and couldn't join us

On the ferry on the way to rack my bike, Mikayla holding up her dog "Missy"

Mikayla holding up her Ironkids keychain

Kaiya (3)

Mikayla (5)

At the Ironman expo the day after the race, note the Ironman visors!

After the race, on our way to pick up my bike in New Jersey.  I refused to pay $50 for somebody to pick it up when the race already cost me over $900, plus I wanted to stay moving to help my recovery, versus sitting down, so picking up my bike was a good way to do so.

Right after the race

Right after the race

Finishing!  My official time was 12 hours and 48 minutes.  I had 22 minutes of chip time because I didn't start the race until 7:22 A.M

Almost done, steps away...slowed down to let the guy in front of me get a good picture

The Finish Line corral

I'm moving so fast at the end that I'm just a blur

Done and feeling awesome!

All smiles!

On the west side path around mile 21, my friend Jarrod took a bunch of great pictures.

Feeling the pain, heat, and humidity at mile 21

Eating a banana!

Entering my passing gear...

On the George Washington Bridge...I feel better than I look

I did it!  I'm an Ironman!

How the heck do I get this wetsuit off!

About to give John Korff, the race organizer and my friend, two fist pumps before starting the swim.  Check out my cool tinted googles.

I see John Korff and get ready for the fist bumps

Start of the bike, closing the water bottle on my body to avoid getting sticky hands

Trying to get some calories in me before the first big hill

Transition area around 4:50am before the race

Check out that cool medal

Off balance

Mikayla doing a pull up the day before the race and seconds before being stung by a bee and crying bloody murder.  Luckily, there was a nurse around to remove the stinger

The swim course

Swim exit area

Mikayla in front of the swim exit wearing her Ironkids keychain


Mikayla took this picture

Bike transition area

Mikayla helped me rack my bike

On the ferry to New Jersey from West 39th street to rack my bike

Self picture on the ferry


  1. These are so amazing! You're our ironman and a great daddy!

  2. Trully awesome Jim! Congrats again. Mikayla has your smile.


  3. Hello Jim! I don't know if you'll remember me or not. This is Margie who worked with you at the Shell. You drove the Zamboni. You look great, and I'm so proud of you and your healthy lifestyle. I remember days when you weren't feeling too well when you came to work. I've had communications with Kai Li - remember her? She's a lawyer down in FL now. Well kiddo take care

  4. hi Margie, great hearing from you and of course I remember you. Thanks for your kind words. How did you come across my blog and would you be able to forward Kai Li's email address? What are you up to these days? by the way, we named our second daughter Kaiya. Hope you are well. Regards,